Using PiM Charge Points

Anyone can use a Charge Point. Each point has simple instructions and an easy to read display.

You don’t have to fully charge each time you plug in. You can top the battery up a little when you get the chance.

To use a Charge Point you need to be a member of the Plugged-in Midlands charging network – Join Today To start recharging you will need your charging cable and membership charging card.

If you do not have a membership card please contact Plugged-In Midlands to join. We will then provide you with an RFID membership card

You can view your nearest Charge Point and its live status on our Charge Point Map. Status lights are also provided on each Charge Point unit to indicate whether it is available (blue), charging (green) or out of order (red).

To start charging your car:

1. Check Charge Point LED status: Blue – Available; Green – Charging; Red – Out of service

2. If the Charge Point has a socket that is available plug your charge cable into your car

3. Present your RFID card to the Charge Point RFID reader and wait with it held in place until the display changes and/or a socket opens.

Please note that there are different operating procedures for charge points from different suppliers. For more information on operating a specific charge point type, please view our FAQs here..

3. Plug into the socket and close the socket door

5. If your charge cable has an in-line control box please ensure that its switch is in the “on” position

5. Check that the Charge Point LEDs have turned green (charging) and that any charging indicators on your vehicle have activated

Please note: (You should always connect your charge cable to your car before connecting to a Charging Point)

Important Safety Information

  • Your charging cable should never be used if it is damaged or has been tampered with. Please check that it is in good condition before plugging it into a Charge Point.
  • Plug your charging cable into your car before plugging into a Charge Point.
  • Do not unplug your charge cable from your car before removing the plug from the Charge Point.
  • Please do not force the Charge Point door open at any time. If you lose your card mid-charge, a simple call to our office can remotely release the door.
  • If the door is tampered with during charging or the cable is cut, the power will stop immediately.
  • Anyone who may have difficulty operating a Charge Point should be assisted whilst commencing and terminating charging.